Posted on: April 20, 2009 1:04 pm

NBA Playoffs

Wow.... I'm stunned after watching a great first two days of games. 

All the blowouts aside, I thought this was the best start to the playoffs in a few years, and the home court advantage so highly touted by everyone didn't really pan out the way some teams thought it would. 

These are just a few of my observations from the weekend that was...

The Magic are a weak-minded team...  Is it just me or did Stan Van Gundy look like he was using a sauna during the timeouts in yesterdays game?  Unbelievable, right now Shaq looks like Nostradamus, a little bit of playoff adversity and the guy is dying on the sideline.  Philly has exposed a huge hole, one that most of us have seen over the course of the season.  If the 3's aren't dropping, the Magic aren't winning.  And why is Turkolgu taking the last shot (a bad one at that), when you have a talent like Dwight Howard?

Boston WILL make it to the 2nd round, but what then?...  Chicago is a young team, they get frazzled, they make stupid plays and they can't hold a lead.  But wow, they weathered a storm, and Paul Pierce's never failing jump shots to take a 1-0 lead ON THE ROAD.  Boston better hope they can win on the road this year, I think they will, but what about the next round?  I just can't see it...

Dwayne Wade might be one of the electric players in the NBA, but he IS NOT a one-man team.  Last nights game left no doubt in my mind that Atlanta has come a long way since their thrilling 7-game loss to Boston in last years first round.  They were intense, played great defense, and shut down one of the hottest talents in the league.  Miami had no answers for the likes of Joe Johnson and Josh Smith.  If Smith can keep his head on straight and stay focused this series could be over in 5, my guess is it goes 6 because the Hawks are still a year away from being a "great" team. 

The Mavericks win a road game?  I am not sold by any stretch of the imagination that the Mavericks can make any noise in the playoffs, and beating an aging, hurting team like the Spurs is not an indication that they are ready to make a deep run.  Not to mention does anyone really believe that Nowitzki is ready to toughen up?

I am a huge Cavaliers fan, however as I must be fair, the Lakers are the best team in the playoffs after the first game.  They dominated Utah in every facet of the game, I just don't see Kobe getting to the finals and not willing his team to a championship... But I hold out hope.  Cleveland looked great in their first game, but that bench has got me worried, can we play dominant basketball when LeBron is on the bench?  I don't have an answer for that...

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