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NFL Draft...

Posted on: April 22, 2009 12:11 pm

So the NFL Draft is quickly approaching and I'm left to wonder what is the Mangini Regime doing to improve the Cleveland Browns?  It is no secret that we as fans are not impressed with his signing several Jets players, none of which excel at any particular position.  Mangini clearly believes he is Belicheck reincarnated.  We have so many holes on both sides of the ball that when I'm asked who we might take in the draft I have a million different scenarios that could play out... I love Crabtree, but a great wide receiver means nothing if the offensive line can't protect the quarterback.  We need a center, a running back, some really physical linebackers, and a whole slew of wide receivers. 

I'm reserving judgement on Mangini until after the draft, but so far we are not impressed here in Cleveland... Good luck Mangini, it's going to be a LONNNNNNNNNG season. 

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